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This section is password protected and only available for members. To access the menu options members must register by signing up and, having  done so, can then access this area by a Login using their email address and chosen password

To initially Sign-In click on the Login box at the top left of this page, When presented with the 'Sign Up' page, shown below, choose the preferred method. Preferably choose Sign Up with email in the box at the bottom of the page or, if you prefer, your Facebook or Google login, if you have one. Follow the instructions that will appear on the next page.

To Log-in  in future click on the Log-in box at the top left. You will be presented with the same screen as above however now click on the Log-in text below the Sign-up as pointed out. The screen changes to the following showing Log In as the heading as below.

Choose Log In with email, preferably, and the email Log In screen is shown and enter your email address and password used to Sign Up.

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